Reference Services

Reference staff provide assistance when you have questions and problems in using the library and its resources For example, if...

  • you are looking for books and/or journal articles on a certain topic, but don't know where to begin
  • you are seeking information, but don't know how
  • you don't know how to use reference tools
  • Meiji University Library doesn't have a book/journal you want to use, etc...

Please visit the reference counter if you have any of above questions or other problems In addition, the reference counter provides the following library services.

Locating materials

Use the Meiji University Library OPACto locate a book/journal. We provide the OPAC Quick Search Guide. If you still have problems with the OPAC, please ask the staff. If you cannot locate a book/journal you are looking for, the staff will search other library's OPAC (such as NACSIS-Webcat, National Diet Library OPAC, British Library OPAC, etc), database, CD-ROM, and other catalogs. At the same time, we will give you instructions on how to use these tools.We will instruct you on how to use these tools, thus increasing your research capability.

Issuing a referral letter

If the Meiji University Library does not own a book/journal you wish to use, we will search which institutions own the material, and write a referral letter. A referral letter is available only for students and faculty/staff members of Meiji University. Please submit the application form with your name, contact information, department, the material you wish to use and the date you plan to visit the institution. We will contact the institution in advance by fax. After receiving the reply, we will write a referral letter. Since this procedure may take overnight, we generally give a letter to the patron the following day or later. We will also write a letter to institutions overseas.

Interlibrary loan

If Meiji University Library does not own a book/journal you wish to use, you can request them from other libraries via an Interlibrary loan [ILL]. You may request a book loan or article copy. ILL service is available only for students and faculty/staff members of Meiji University. Please read the following notes:

  • Depending on the library, it may take from a few days to months till you receive a material. (Generally, one to two weeks from libraries in Japan, one to two months from institutions overseas.)
  • You will have to pay the charges for photocopying and shipping.
  • Books that are borrowed from other libraries through ILL can be used only in the library. In addition, the photocopying of materials borrowed from other libraries is permitted under the guidelines of the interlibrary loan system, except when the lender prohibits photocopying or when the materials are from the National Diet Library.

Research assistance

Reference staff provide assistance in finding materials and information. We will guide you to appropriate resources in a specific field, provide search strategy advice and, if necessary, refer you to an appropriate institution outside of the universityPlease fill out the form at the reference counter with your contact information and the areas you would like to get help with. Please remember we will not do a patrons' entire research, assignment or translation on their behalf.

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