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Request for ILL (interlibrary loan) Service

This is a service for placing an online ILL request (request for making photocopies of literature or for loaning actual materials) from on- or off-campus. This service is available only to the students, faculty, and staff of the University.

About ILL

This is an interlibrary cooperative service for requesting photocopies of literature and loaning actual materials.

  • Photocopying of literature
    • Making photocopies is allowed to the extent that it does not infringe copyright law.
  • Loaning actual materials
    • The loaned books should be used only within the library.
    • Until a few years ago, photocopying the loaned materials was prohibited. However, it is allowed now in cases where the guidelines(Japanese language only) established among related organizations are met.
  • Please note that there are cases where making photocopies of literature or loaning actual materials may not be allowed due to the rules or at the discretion of the library holding the materials.
  • Below are the fees and delivery time required for the service:
    • ILL photocopy fees: 35 to 60 yen /sheet + shipping cost. In some cases, additional basic fees may be charged.
    • ILL loaning: As a rule, only round-trip shipping fees are required. In some cases, additional basic fees may be charged.
    • Delivery time: In Japan, it usually takes about one week, although there are cases where more than one week is required.

Service request conditions

Please be advised that for the time being, you need to meet the following conditions to be able to make a request for the ILL service:

  1. You cannot find the material in the Meiji University Library OPAC.
  2. Materials that are included in the Nacsis Webcat, a general bibliographical system of the National Informatics Institute (NII).

For the time being, the first condition does not include cases where you can find the title but not the specific volume you want and cases where the material is in binding or repair and therefore not currently available on campus. In such cases, please come to the reference counter. For the materials that are held in overseas libraries, please come to the reference counter as well.

ILL service request procedures

  1. Search Web-OPAC and NII.
    • Open the Meiji University Web-OPAC page.

    • Search for the material that you want to make a photocopy of or borrow.
    • A list of bibliographic data or bibliographic details is/are displayed. → Obtainable on campus or consult the counter.
    • If the material cannot be found in the Web-OPAC, click . You can check through the collections held by university libraries across the country in the NII database.

    • When a list of desired data is displayed, click NII Bibliographic Details and go to the ILL service request page.

    • If the list is not displayed → Consult the reference counter.
  2. Making a request for the ILL service
    →If you want to request the ILL photocopy service, click the <Request> button for photocopies.
    ※If the ILL <Request> button is not displayed, it is possible that the material in question is in the collection of the University. In such cases, either go back to the Web-OPAC and run a search again or consult the reference counter.
  3. Portal Log-in
    Clicking the <Request> button will show the portal login window. Enter your student number (faculty/staff number) and password.
  4. Select the request condition
    Select the type of material for which you are making a request (book or periodical). For payment options, currently only “own expense” is available.
  5. Enter request information

    1. Material information
      For literature photocopies, enter the title of the research paper, the name of the author, the volume number, and pages in as detailed and accurate a manner as possible. For loaning, the volume information is also required if the material has more than one volume.
    2. Information of the person making the request
      Contact information is required. For the e-mail address, it is preferable that you provide it.
    3. Request information
      Photocopy type: Only electronic copying is available. The name of the library where you want to receive the requested material: Designate the name of the library (accurately), where you want to receive the requested material.
    4. Space for correspondence
      If you have anything else to add, please provide it here.
    5. After completing the request form, click the <Request> button.
  6. Confirm the request information
    Please confirm the request information. Clicking the <Send> button will finalize the request, the <Back> button will show the data entry screen, and the <Start over> button will show the <Select the request condition> screen.
  7. Completion notice
    Clicking the <Send> button in #6 will finalize the request and a notice of completion will be displayed.
  8. Confirmation of request status after making an ILL service request
    You can confirm the status of your request for the photocopying/loaning service in the “Portal Service.”
  9. Cancellation of request
    You can cancel your request as long as the request status shows “requesting” on the “Portal Service” screen. If you want to cancel your request after the status has changed to “in process,” contact the reference counter as soon as possible. Since there are cases where you cannot cancel your request, please exercise care when making a request.

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