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How to locate a book in Meiji University Library

This page describes different ways to locate books on a particular theme. If you already know the title and the author name of the material you are looking for, use the Web OPAC (Meiji University collection search) to locate it.


This is a method of looking for a book by going through the stacks in a library. All material in the library is given a class number (based on the Nippon Decimal Classification) by theme. Search the stacks with the class number of the theme you are looking for. While this is an appropriate approach when the theme is not clearly articulated, it may take time to find books under the theme you are interested in since there are a large number of books in certain fields.

Search by theme via OPAC

This is a method of searching the Meiji University OPAC for books under a certain theme by entering theme-related words in the title or keyword field (the title name, the author name, the publisher, and the subject are searched for simultaneously). If the results are too few in number or the themes do not match yours, then try different keywords (synonyms or antonyms) or broader/narrower concept terms. While the subject and classification fields (detail search screen) are appropriate to use for a comprehensive search under a certain theme, the terms and symbols that can be used for searching are limited. For further information on the subject and classification fields, please refer to the Nippon Decimal Classification (outline) and List of Basic Subject Headings, which are provided near the OPAC terminals.

Search in themed bibliographies

Reference bibliographies (those with the last digit of the call number being “J”) in the Central Library and reference books (those with the last digit of the call number being “R”) in the Izumi and Ikuta Libraries are provided with library catalogs, which list the literature by specific theme. These materials, called themed bibliographies, are stacked by theme based on the classification number. Refer also to “Search for bibliography (literature list) on a certain theme” under How to Use Reference Tools(Japanese language only).

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