Acquisition Request (Books)

If Meiji University Library does not own a book you need for your study or research, and you wish us to purchase it, you may submit a acquisition request. Requests can be submitted online via the Portal Service. You may also fill out a paper form which is located at the OPAC terminals. Please note that we may not purchase all requested books. Academic libraries, unlike public libraries, are educational and research oriented libraries; therefore, basically we do not purchase certain categories of books, such as how-to books, books of literature or art which are not organized as collected works, books for hobby, leisure or exam preparation, or comic books.

How to make a request

  1. Search within the Meiji University Library OPAC and see if our library owns the title. If we do at any library, you may request a delivery (See the Portal Service).
  2. If we do not own the title, submit a request online, or fill out a Book Purchase Request Form(request form for undergraduate/graduate students) and submit the form to a counter in the library.
  3. Librarians will check our catalog again, and only the titles we do not own will be considered for a purchase by a selection committee using its selection criteria(Japanese language only) Results will be notified within approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you submit an online form, please check for notification of the result on the Portal Service or via e-mail (if you are registered with the Oh-o! Meiji Portal system). If you submit a paper form, please check at the B3 lounge area (Central Library) or new arrivals corner (Izumi Library). If you submit a request to Ikuta Library, you will be notified within a week only if we disapprove your request.
  4. After purchasing your requested book, when the book becomes available, you will be notified via the Portal Service or by e-mail (if you are registered). If you submit a paper request form, you will be contacted by phone.
  5. Please pick up the book you requested at the circulation counter. The book will be held for a week after notification.

Please submit as much information as possible about the bo ok you are going to request. If the information is insufficient, we will not be able to check our library's holding.

Even though we decide to purchase the book you requested, there is a chance that the book may not be available for purchase, especially if it's been a while since the book was published. Normally the book is delivered in a week if it's available at bookstores; however, it may take two or three months (especially for foreign books) if there is no stock at bookstores.

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