Borrowing privileges

Undergraduates 15 books 15 days
Graduates 30 books 1 month
Full-time faculty 100 books 3 months
Other faculty/staff 60 books 2 month
Retired faculty/staff, Part-time staff 10 books 1 month
Researchers accepted by Meiji University or authorized by Library Director 10 books 1 month
Affiliated junior high and high school students 6 books 15 days
Alumni 6 books 15 days
Consortium students 6 books 15 days
Chiyoda-ward residents 6 books 15 days
Suginami-ward residents/consortium students 6 books 15 days
Setagaya-ward residents 6 books 15 days
Kawasaki-city residents/workers 6 books 15 days

Checking out

Bring your ID (student ID or faculty/staff ID) or library card with the book you wish to borrow to the Circulation counter You may use a self-checkout machine to borrow books.

Important information about checking out

  • You must check out books either at a circulation counter or by using a self-checkout machine before taking them out from the library; otherwise a Book Detection System alarm will go off.
  • If you have overdue books, you will not be able to borrow any more books or use the Portal Service until you return the overdue books. There will be a penalty for late returns.
  • Rare books, reference books, journals, microforms, newspapers, syllabus books and AV materials cannot be checked out. A reservation is required to use microforms.


If the book you wish to borrow has been checked out, you may put a hold on the book using the online Portal Service. After you place a hold, please check the status of the book (to determine if the book is ready to be picked up) using Portal ServiceYou can also put a hold on a book at a circulation counter.


You may renew books only once. If there is a hold on the book, however, you cannot renew the book. You can use Portal Service to renew the book, in which case you do not need to bring the book You may also renew at a circulation counter or a self-checkout machinePlease bring the book you wish to renew to the circulation counter or self-checkout machine.


Return checked-out books at a circulation counter Do not leave them on a book cart in the library (the status will still be "checked-out" if you do so) If the books are damaged, too big for the book post, or overdue, please bring them back to the circulation counter.

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