Audiovisual Equipment

You can use Video, CD and DVD

  • Sign-up is NOT required for in-library use of the equipment.
  • Use the headphones when using the equipment.
  • You may use the equipment as long as you want. Please note, however, that use may be restricted during busy hours.

Video, CD, DVD

How to use the equipment:

Set the TV input channel to "VIDEO 1." Click the Input Switchover button in the upper part of the screen (or while pressing down the Function button on a remote control, click the Input Switchover button a few times until Video 1 appears. To go back to TV, click the Input Switchover button).

  • You may bring your own video, CD, or DVD.
  • The video collection held by the Library centers on videos related to libraries.
  • There is a “List of Videos in the Central Library” at the Multimedia Counter. If you are interested in the list, please ask for it at the counter. The Media Library (on 11F of Building 12 on Surugadai Campus) also has a variety of software.