PCs dedicated to databases

Use Guide

Database PCs are computers solely for the use of online databases, electronic journals, e-books, and CD-ROMs. Since you access online databases and electronic journals via the Internet, you must participate in the MIND Workshop(Japanese language only) before using these computers.


  • You cannot connect to websites other than online databases.
  • You cannot use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on these computers.
    Clicking the start button will show the shortcuts to the OPAC, online databases, electronic journals, and CD-ROM servers. Click the one you want to use. When using a CD-ROM (DVD) material, sign up for it at the multimedia counter. Then insert the CD-ROM (DVD) into the drive, click the Start button to show the Start Menu, and select what you need from among the Japanese CD-ROM materials or Foreign CD-ROM materials. You can use the CD-ROM server required to use CD-ROMs without signing up at the counter.