Wireless LAN


You can connect your own laptop to the network using wireless LAN. Information outlets in Central Library are for the laptop computers for loan only. Following is the list of places where wireless LAN is available.

Floor Area
1F Reading room
B1F Reading room, Library Hall
B2F Group study room1-3
B3F Group reading room

How to use

  1. Attend a MIND Internet Orientation
    Check the schudule for Internet Orientation (Japanese language only)
  2. Apply for a MIND mobile account
    Apply from here(Japanese language only)
  3. Set up your hand-carried laptop PC
    Set-up guide is here (Japanese language only)

*Step1 is required for all users. Step 2 is required for those who do not have Common Authentication Account (KYOTSU NINSYO).

How to print

  1. Send your data to the print que through any application software (ex.word, excel etc...) by selecting the printer name on this network while your PC is connected to MIND.
  2. Your data for printing is NOT immediately printed and does not appear on the printer immediately after sending the print que because it is saved on the server temporarily.
    • Be sure to connect to the "MIND"network via a PPP or VPN connection if you are using a computer outside the campus because a connection with the MIND network is required to send your print data to the server que.
    • Your data for printing is saved on appropriate server and is automatically deleted every 24 hours.
  3. You can print from a printer on campus which is connected to the Open Printer System.
    • You will be required to insert the coin when you operate the printer machine Pre-paid cards for copy machines on the campus are accepted and the cost is the same as photocopying.

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