Copyright Law

Photocopy machines in the library are for use of "copying library materials for one's personal use" only and must be used in compliance with the Copyright Law The National, Public and Private University Libraries Cooperation Committee and the Japan Reprographic Rights Center have reached agreement on "Guidelines for photocopying in university libraries"Accordingly, at the Meiji University Libraries since June 1, 2004, we have asked self-photocopy machine users to fill out a "Photocopy request form" A "Photocopy request form drop-box" and "Photocopy request forms" are located near the photocopy machines. Please refer to the "Guidelines for photocopying in university libraries" sign that can be found near the photocopy machines.

Undergraduates, Graduates and General users

Self-service photocopy machines are located at each Meiji University Library.
Black and white 10yen/copy, color 30yen/copy.

Faculty and staff

Please use the photocopy machines at the following locations where you can use faculty/staff photocopy card Central Library B1, near the Multipurpose Hall / Izumi Library Office / Ikuta Library Graduate Students Corner / Nakano Library Office

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