Computer Guide for CD-ROM Use

List of Academic CD-ROMs

You can view a list of academic CD-ROM which the library holds here(Japanese language only).

How to use the Computer for CD-ROMs

Sign up at the reference counter and inform the staff of the title of CD-ROM which you wish to use. You can borrow the CD-ROM in exchange for your ID card.

How to print and download

We charge for printing . Refer to "Meiji University Open Printer(Japanese language only)" for details.

  1. Send the information to the print que through any application software (ex.word, excel etc...) by selecting the printer name on this network while your PC is connected to MIND.
  2. Your data is NOT immediately printed and does not appear on the printer immediately after sending it to the print que because it is saved on the server temporarily.
    • Be sure to connect to the "MIND" network via a PPP or VPN connection if you are using a computer from outside the campus because a connection with the MIND network is required to send your data to a print que on the server.
    • Your data for printing is saved on a server and is automatically deleted every 24 hours.
  3. You can print from a printer on campus which is connected to the Open Printer System.
    • You will be required to insert the coin when you operate the printer machine. Pre-paid cards for copy machines on the campus is also accepted and the cost is the same as photocopying.
If you wish to download the data, bring your own floppy disk.

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