Information Outlet

Location and number

Izumi Library offers seats with information outlets. 

How to use the information outlet

  1. Attend an Internet Orientation (Japanese language only) held by MIND. See the schedule of an Internet Orientation「MIND Orientation Sessions(Japanese language only)
  2. Registration with ‘A MIND mobile account’ is required. See「 A MIND mobile account(Japanese language only)
  3. Setup of your notebook PC See「モバイル情報コンセント接続サービス設定方法(Japanese language only)

*1. for students only. 2. for those do not have the ‘Kyotsu-Ninsho’ account, mainly research assistants or visiting researchers, are required to apply. 3. for those using your own notebook PC in the library.

How to print

You can make copies (charged). For details, please refer to Information on Meiji University Open Printers(Japanese language only). Printing procedures are as follows:

  1. Printing operations should be performed from the application (Word, Excel, etc.) while the computer is connected to the network (MIND). Select the name of the printer for this system as the destination printer.
  2. The printer data will be sent via the network, not directly to the printer, but first to the system server where it is stored.
    • In order to send the printer data to the server, the computer must be connected to the MIND network. If you want to use the MIND network at home or off campus, you have to have a PPP-based VPN to connect to the MIND.    
    • The printer data stored on the server is automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  3. To actually print the stored data, you need to execute the output operations on the system printers installed on campus. The output operations will retrieve the stored data from the server and print them.
    • For printing, fees are charged in accordance with the number of copies. For payment, you can use a prepaid card for on-campus printers. The unit price of printing is the same as the printing price set for on-campus copiers.

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