Law-related Systems and Online Databases

How to use

  • The participation in the MIND Workshop is a prerequisite for using the system (graduate students of the Law School have already participated in the workshop when entering the school).
  • To use the online databases at home or off campus, you need to apply for the MIND Mobile Connection Service. For details, please refer to MIND Mobile Connection Service or contact the Multimedia Area on the first floor of the Central Library.

Main Content

  • Law-related Systems: LIC Major Law Journals (LLI major law journals and LLI Precedents Search System), TKC Law Library (LEX/DB, Law Bulletin Database, Yuhikaku comprehensive Vpass, and literature information on precedents), DAI-ICHI HOKI E-Self Learning System
  • LEX/DB Internet: This is a full-text, exhaustive database of precedents that have been published from 1875 (the Imperial Court’s decision) up to the present (information on full-text precedents). It covers every law field from civil law to special civil act, public law, socio-economic law, and criminal law.
  • The world’s largest legal information database (by LexisNexis). It provides legal information centering on the U.S. federal and state ordinances, regulations, and precedents, the ordinances and precedents of countries around the world, and the patents and law reviews of major regions.

PCs in the Law Library provide an access screen for law-related systems (screen of the CD-ROM server).


Main Content (Newspaper article search)

Asahi Shimbun Pre-War Newspaper Database
This is a database created from the leadoff article index of the Asahi Shimbun reduced-size edition published from 1926 to 1945. Users can scale actual newspapers to any size, show them on the screen, and print them. They can also search for advertisements.

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