How to use the facilities

Stack Room
You have free access to the stack room. When you use the stack room, leave your belongings in a locker.
Personal Computer
You can start a computer by inserting your student ID card into the card reader on the desk.
There is one photocopy machine for students (a copy card required) and another for the faculty (a copy card required). You may copy materials, provided you do not infringe copyright. You can buy a copy card from a vending machine in the copy corner on the 9th floor of Academy Common, the 5th floor of Building 14, the second floor of Building 12, and the first floor and the second basement floor of the Central Library. We do not sell copy cards at the Law Library Counter.

Checking out/Returning/Renewing

Number of books you can check out
Thirty (including materials of other libraries)
Loan Period
One week (for materials in the Law Library)
Materials that cannot be checked out
Non-circulating seal-attached books, periodicals, casebooks, syllabus books, and materials on the dictionary shelves cannot be checked out.
How to check out
Bring your student ID card together with the books you wish to borrow to the counter.
Return the books to the counter (You cannot return them in the library).
You may renew the books only once. The loan period is one week from the day you checked out the books. However, if there is a hold on the books, you may not renew the books. You may also renew them using the Portal Service.


You may put a hold on books that have been checked out so that you may be able to borrow them as soon as they are returned. Please make a request for a hold at the counter. Provided that the graduate students of the Law School come to the library to receive the books, they can put a hold on books in the collection of the Law Library using the Portal Service.
The books in the Law Library cannot be delivered to the Central Library, Izumi Library, or Ikuta Library nor can the materials in these Libraries be delivered to the Law Library. For interlibrary delivery procedures, either use the Portal Service or place a request at the counter on the B2 level of the Central Library. (You cannot place a request for delivery at the counter of the Law Library.)

Purchase Request

You may place a request with the Law Library to purchase materials.

  • Fill out a Book Purchase Request Form and submit it to the Law Library counter. You may also make an online request from the Portal Service. For details about the purchase request, please refer to Purchase Request.
  • For the final decision on the request, a notice will be posted.    
  • After the purchased materials arrive at the Law Library, we will notify you via telephone or other means.

Syllabus Books

The Law Library purchases reference books that appear in syllabuses and shelves them by course subject. Click here for the list of syllabus books. Although the syllabus books cannot be checked out, we purchase extra copies for loaning.   


Reference services
For the time being, the Law Library Counter provides only the following reference services: use guide for the Law Library and a catalog search for the materials in the Libraries including the Law Library. For inquiries that require some investigation, we will pass them on to the person in charge of references on the first floor of the Central Library. Please contact the Law Library Counter first for these inquiries.
Use of other organizations
You need a letter of referral to visit other organizations to read materials, which Meiji University does not hold. Letters of referral are issued at the Reference Counter on the first floor of the Central Library.
Loaning and Photocopying of Literature
Please submit loan and photocopy request forms at the Reference Counter on the first floor of the Central University.


  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the Law Library.
  • Talking on a cell phone is prohibited. Before entering the Library, please switch your cell phone to silent mode.
  • Unauthorized borrowing of library materials is strictly prohibited. When borrowing the library materials, please go through the required procedure.
  • Use of laptop computers in the Library is prohibited.
    You may use your laptop computer in the common research rooms, research offices, and the Central Library (1F, B1F, and group reading rooms on B3F).

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