Mobile Website

On the mobile website, you can run a Library catalog search and check the library schedule on your cell phone. Please avail yourself of it!

How to access the mobile website

Access the following site on your cell phone.
* It is not accessible from a personal computer.

If your cell phone is 2D code (QR Code)-compatible, you can access the site with this code.
* QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Service Content


You can check notices from the Library (the last five notices).

Opening Hours and Monthly Schedule

  • Today’s status
    You can check the opening status of the current day.
  • Monthly schedule
    You can check the monthly schedule of each library.

Catalog Search (OPAC)

  1. Access the mobile website and select Catalog Search (OPAC).
  2. Enter a search keyword and click the search button. It is possible to run a search by restricting the libraries that hold the material or the material type (books or periodicals).
  3. When a list of search results is displayed, select the number of the desired material.
  4. Detailed bibliographical information and location information (location, call numbers, etc.) will be displayed.


On the Mobile OPAC, items displayed are different from those on the ordinary OPAC. For details, please refer to Meiji University Web OPAC. Major differences are provided below:

  • In the detailed location information of a book, the status of the book is displayed as “available for loan” or “available only for use in the library” when the book is not in use (not on loan or in transit).
  • For periodicals, detailed location information is not displayed.
  • The materials in the Law Library, AV Center, and Meiji University Museum are not available for searching.

Portal Service

The portal service includes the following: However, for the mobile portal service, you cannot place a hold/reservation or request for delivery.

  • Loan renewal 
  • Confirmation of the hold status
  • Confirmation of the delivery status

As in the ordinary portal service, enter your ID and password on the authentication screen.

  • Students, full-time faculty and staff, and part-time faculty
    Use the common authentication (kyotsu ninsho) ID and password.
  • Alumni
    Your ID is the 11-digit number designated on your library card and the initial password is your registered telephone number (delete hyphens).
    For those who are not sure of the password, please ask at the checkout counter of each library. Please note that for security reasons, we do not accept inquiries on passwords via telephone or e-mail. If your library card is expired, you cannot use the Portal Service.


  • On the Mobile OPAC, some of the items displayed are different from those on the ordinary OPAC.
  • The mobile portal service does not provide hold and delivery request services.
  • Depending on your cell phone model, you may not be able to connect to the mobile website.  
  • You are required to pay for mobile communication fees (packet communication fees). However, you do not have to pay for information fees.
  • Please set your cell phone to “silent mode” in the library.

About Notice, Opening Schedule, Collection Search, and Portal Service functions:
These functions are provided by TIS Inc.

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