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SDI and Periodical Alert Service

The SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information: Newly published books in specific areas alert service) and periodical alert service is the service to notify the registered members of new arrivals in the Library via e-mail. There are two types: SDI service and Periodical Alert service.

SDI Service

In the SDI service, applicants designate search conditions when registering for the service. The Library searches books that were shelved during the last one month based on the registered conditions. The search results will then be e-mailed to the registered members at the beginning of each month. For the SDI service registration procedures. Please refer to SDI Registration.

Periodical Alert Service

In the periodical alert service, applicants register the titles of periodicals to which the Library currently subscribes. Every time the Library receives and shelves the latest issues of the registered periodicals, it will notify the registered members via e-mail. For the periodical alert service registration procedures, please refer to Periodical Alert Registration (OPAC).


  • This service is available only to the University’s faculty, staff, part-time faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students.
  • To use the service, access the Meiji University Kyotsu-Ninsho (common authentication) System and enter your student/faculty/staff number and password.
  • For details, please refer to About SDI and Periodical Alert, SDI and Periodical Alert Services FAQs.

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