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Suginami Ward Library Network

Suginami City Library and partner university libraries in Suginami Ward have concluded a mutual cooperative agreement to make the most of the materials in each library.

Partner University Libraries

Joshibi University of Art and Design Suginami Library, Takachiho University Library, Tokyo Rissho Junior College Library, St. Margaret’s Junior College

User Eligibility

  1. Freshmen and sophomores in the Schools of Law, Commerce, Political Science and Economics, Arts and Letters, and Information and Communication. Students in the School of Global Japanese Studies.
  2. Full-time faculty who have a research office in the Research Building on the Izumi Campus
  3. Full-time staff on the Izumi Campus

Terms of Use of Each Library

Terms of use vary with the library. Be sure to check the terms of use of each university library before using the library.

Library Name Address and Telephone Number
Joshibi University of Art and Design Suginami Library 1-49-8, Wada, Suginami
Tel: 03-5340-4514
Takachiho University Library 2-19-1, Omiya, Suginami
Tel: 03-3313-0147
Tokyo Rissho Junior College Library 2-41-15, Horinouchi, Suginami
Tel: 03-3316-6854
St. Margaret’s Junior College 4-29-23, Kugayama, Suginami
Tel: 03-3334-7029

Reading within a library

Please bring your ID and student ID cards with you and show them at the counter of each library.
* You need to obtain a user card in the Takachiho University Library (free of charge).

Checking out

To check out books, you need to obtain a user card at each library (free of charge). For details, please contact the reference counter in the Izumi Library.

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